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Superior and Consistent  Cell Culture Performance

Selecting the right medium to optimally match your cell line can be challenging. Our Cellvento™ CHO media platform provides you with process and cell line specific cell culture media and feeds – so that you can find the most suitable product for your application.

Cellvento™ CHO media and their companion feeds have been developed for use with CHO suspension cell types such as CHO-S, CHO-DHFR and CHO-K1 cells, but may also be suitable for other cell lines. Available in both powder and liquid form, Cellvento™ CHO formulations are chemically defined, of non-animal origin and lead to superior cell growth and productivity in batch, fed-batch mode or perfusion applications.

Benefits of Cellvento™ CHO cell culture media:

  • High media consistency and reliable homogeneity
  • Superior cell growth and productivity
  • Flexibility on specific nutrient cell type requirements
  • Flexibility in application: batch, fed-batch and perfusion
  • Comprehensive documentation for faster time to market


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