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Fully Automated Chemistry POCT Series

SMT-100 is a fully automated chemistry for clinical diagnosis inpoint of care method, with only two drops of whole blood, serum or plasma to provide on site blood analysis in a quick, easy and accurate way.

1.Built-in centrifuge
2.Alt in one device
3.Max to 14 parameters in single test
4.Compact size
5.EAse to use
6.Micro sample size (100ul)

Sample type: Lithium Heparin Anticoagulant whole blood, serum and plasma
Sample volume: 100ul
Bar code: Two-dimensional bar code
Testing time: 12minutes/sample
Testing Principle: Absorption spectroscopy , transmission turbidimetry
Testing Method: End point, rate, fixed time.
Temperature: 37 C +- 0.2 C
Absorbance: 0-3.0Abs
Resolution: Auto and real-time
QC&Calibrate: Real time full-auto finish
Work environment: Temperature:10-32 C Humidity:< 85%
Optic system: Back dividing light technology, 8-band wavelength synchronization detection:340, 405, 450, 456, 600 , 630, 850 nm
Light source: 12V/20W , halogen tungsten lamp’s life span is over 2500 hours
Power supply: AC100V-240V, 50-60Hz
Power: 20W
Display: 7inch TFT touch screen
Storage: >100,000 results
Printer: Built-in thermal printer
Connectors: 4 USB, 1 RS232
Weight: 5KG
Size: 31 cm(H)*21cm(W)*28(L)cm
Order code: A00100EN0000