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Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer POCT Series

Through the latest medical and technological innovation, SMT-120 portable automatic biochemical analyzer can provide better diagnosis for blood analysis quickly, easily and accuratelt.

1.New design
2.Max to 25 parameters in single test
3.Better user experience
4.Smaller size(0.01m3)
5.Android operating system

Sample type: Lithium Heparin Anticoagulant whole blood, serum and plasma
Sample volume: 100ul
Bar code: Two-dimensional bar code
Testing time: 12minutes/sample
Testing Principle: Absorption spectroscopy , transmission turbidimetry
Testing Method: End point, rate, fixed time.
Temperature: 37 C +- 0.2 C
Absorbance: 0-0.001Abs
Resolution: Auto and real-time
QC&Calibrate: Real time full-auto finish
Work environment: Temperature:10-32 C Humidity:< 85%
Optic system: Back dividing light technology, 8-band wavelength synchronization detection:340, 405, 450, 456, 600 , 630, 850 nm
Light source: 12V/20W , halogen tungsten lamp’s life span is over 2500 hours
Power supply: AC100V-240V, 50-60Hz Output: 15V 7.0A , 105W MAX
Power: 20W
Display: 6.5inch multi-touch screen Android system, Multi-language support.
Storage: >100,000 results
Printer: Built-in thermal printer
Connectors: 2 USB, System upgrade by U disc or WIFI
Weight: 4.2KG
Size: 19.1cm(H)*21.3cm(W)*22(L)cm
Order code: A00120000ENO